Futurewise connects you with the future

Looking for an inspiring speaker who talks about trends and the future? Then Futurewise may be an option for you. Since 2008 Futurewise has participated in hundreds of conferences, kick-offs and internal workshops.

By uncovering the most important trends that will influence your specific industry, Futurewise brings you outside perspectives. In a rapid and entertaining manner trends and visions of the future are presented, intended to challenge you and to trigger new creative thoughts. Our presentations offer a good starting point to take control of your own future and be better prepared for things to come. Or as one participant recently put it: ”I’m gonna steal what you said right off. And make money out of it.”

Peter Siljerud, CEO of Futurewise, has been working as a trendspotter and futurist for over 12 years. He has a background as future strategist at Kairos Future and Intel. He is also the author of the well-renowed book 100 trends – Your guide to the future, which was nominated to Marketing Book of the Year by the Swedish Marketing Federation. His second book Break the norms – Everything you’ve learnt about worklife is wrong was released 2015 (for the moment the books are only available in Swedish).

Don’t hesitate to contact Futurewise if you are arranging an event. Or just to chat a bit about the latest trends!
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